From Brisbane acreage to Main Beach apartment: Why Lagoon Main Beach ticks the downsizer box



As the Turner’s story demonstrates, Lagoon has managed to check all the boxes for discerning buyers looking for a new beginning.

The allure of downsizing from a spacious acreage lifestyle to a sleek and modern apartment has led the Turner family to make a significant change after 20 years of living in the Moreton Bay Region of Brisbane. 

Their recent purchase of a 131sqm two bedroom plus multipurpose room apartment in the Lagoon development has set the stage for their new chapter. 

The journey to finding their dream home began with a simple internet search, which eventually led them to fill out an enquiry for Lagoon. According to the Turners’, it was the location of the development that first caught their attention. However, several factors worked in harmony to solidify their decision. 



“We looked for 18 months and narrowed down the location for our next move to Teneriffe, Milton/Toowong, Broadbeach and Main Beach” The Turners’ said. 

“We were looking at established developments, townhouses, units and houses on small blocks, through to new developments” 

Although they came close to purchasing elsewhere, the Turner’s had a strong gut feeling that Lagoon was the ideal choice for them. 

“We went close to buying others, but we just knew that Lagoon was our preferred development” 

The location played a massive role in their decision making process, while the building’s designed, size, and ample space within the apartment sealed the deal. 

“We were also confident to purchase as we have faith in Hutchies delivering the product, in part due to the really good level of pre sales that had occurred at the time we bought” 

The excitement surrounding the Turner’s move to Main Beach and their new home in Lagoon is Palpable. 

“We have gone from saying, ‘if only we could live in Main Beach’ and ‘maybe when the kids finish school’ to ‘ we are moving to Main Beach, we are moving into Lagoon, and we are so excited'” the couple shared. 

Their anticipation for the completion of the development is evident, with the Turners’ using a photo of the building as their iPhone screensaver for daily motivation. They also receive regular updates from residents in the area, who share their excitement for the project. 

“I hate wishing our lives away, but 2025 can’t come soon enough” they added. 

As the Turners’ story demonstrates, Lagoon has managed to check all the boxes for discerning buyers looking for a new beginning. 

The development’s seamless blend of location, architectural brilliance, and the promise of an exceptional living experience has made the preferred choice for those ready to embark on their next chapter in Main Beach. 



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